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The 2017 Home and Garden Show in Dallas is a 3-day event that will take place June 3-5, 2017 at the Dallas Convention Center in downtown Dallas, Texas. We are proud to be a part of this show and will be back in 2018 for our third annual Home & Garden Show in Texas.

There will be tempting decorations, food and live auctions to make your evening special. At 6 p.m., a silent and vibrant auction awaits you with a variety of items donated to the auction house by the Dallas Convention Center, Texas State Fair, Dallas Museum of Natural History and Texas Historical Society.

Bras for a Cause 2017 is a fundraising event to raise awareness of breast cancer and support organisations that fund research and grants for early detection and treatment of women. This exciting event features an evening of music, food, entertainment and auctions to raise awareness of breast cancer. Advanced Cooling is a sponsor of this event, as are the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Texas State Fair.

The Earth Day Festival is an event where ordinary people learn practical things to improve their health and well-being. This event is full of money-saving tips and everything you need for home and garden, as well as food and entertainment.

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Visit the center to meet with friends and bid on some amazing auction items, or stop by to see what Advanced Cooling has to offer while you browse through the many fantastic stalls that will be there. During your stay, visit manufacturers and employees from all over the world under one roof or talk directly to local dealers. The gates are all free, but you have to pay for parking and all the other things you want to buy.

Register for the program by calling (903) 870-3630 or online to register for a free day ticket to the event at the Sherman Texas Event Center.

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S-Bahn: With connections to Dallas and Denison, it is possible to travel by intercity rail. General Aviation: We provide general aviation services in the Dallas - Fort Worth area and other parts of the state.

In 1852 Sherman had 300 inhabitants and consisted of a small town square, a town hall, two churches and a public library. After two fires destroyed many buildings east of the town squares, some municipal buildings were rebuilt with more durable materials. Sherman has a museum, as well as the Sherman Historical Society and the Texas Historical Commission.

During the riots, Hughes was trapped in the courthouse vault and apparently died in a fire, but rescue efforts were hampered by saboteurs cutting the fire hose. After rioters pulled Hughes' body out of the safe, she was dragged to a car, set alight, hung up and hanged.

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